Saturday, July 16, 2011

Easter Eve

Grandma showing Wilson what to do

Showing off his loot. Grandma made each of them these cute bunny baskets.

Pregnant Pic my mom insisted on...I felt pretty large (but writing this post now almost 3 months later, I'm not thinking it's so bad)
Planting the Magic Jelly Beans
Watering the seeds
We spent the day before Easter doing some fun activities! Grandma K put together an egg hunt for the kids. They had so much fun finding their eggs and even more fun opening them and eating the treats! This was also Wilson's last day with a binky!! He had one with him at Grandma's and it broke, so we decided that was it for him! When we put him to bed that night and he asked for a binky, we reminded him that it broke and it was a little sad, but it went surprisingly well. He asked for it for a few more days and then he was over it!! A few weeks later, we were at my mom's house and he found another binky and tried to use it, but my mom told him, "let's cut it." He was totally fine and handed her the binky, so she cut the tip, and then he completely fell apart. He was so sad! But he got over it pretty quickly.
We went back to our house and Grandma and the Kids and I decorated eggs. They loved putting the eggs in the dye and they were done in just a few minutes because we didn't have that many eggs! That night we remembered to plant our magic jelly beans!

Gender Reveal

Pink or Blue??

We were able to find out what we were having on April 21st. I had a doctor's appointment the day before and they said we would go ahead and schedule the ultrasound. They asked when I wanted to do it and I said AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!! They went out and called over to Radiology and they were able to get us in the next morning! We ended up taking the kids with us and it was so neat to see our little one! My previous doctor used a really old ultrasound machine and so it was hard to see things well, but this was much more advanced and we could see all of the individual bones. We were able to tell within about 3 minutes of the ultrasound starting. The tech said, "It's up on the screen right now," and it was very obviously a BOY! We called Grandma and Grandpa K and let the kids tell them. Later that day we made some cake balls to take to some or our friends to tell them. We are excited to add another little boy to our family!
The kids really loved blankets this spring! Daddy wrapped them up just like when they were babies!
Whitney crashed into the driveway really hard when she was running one night. This picture was taken then next day, but it really looked a lot worse as it healed.
Mike's diaper changing get up...The funny thing is that the next day when I was changing Wilson, he was trying to put his own shirt up over his nose!