Thursday, November 17, 2011

2 Months

13lbs 7oz
23.75 inches

13lbs 6oz
24.25 inches

13lbs 10oz
23.5 inches

I took Weston to his 2 month checkup last week and then I had to go look up Whitney and Wilson's 2 month stats. I can't believe how close in size they are! Weston seems really chunky, but he is just right in there with the others. I think he gained fast and then has slowed down the last month.
Weston is smiling so much now and cooing. He loves to be held and lets you know if he's unhappy with being put down. Sleep is getting much better--he has generally been getting up only 2 times a night!! He usually sleeps for a 4-5 hour stretch and then about 3 hours more before we get up for the day. He is really alert and loves watching his little mobile on his swing and the lights on his baby gym. He doesn't seem to have too much colic; he can be easily settled down with swaddling, light bouncing on the exercise ball and making a buzzing sound in his ear. Once he is calmed he usually stays that way for a while! We did start him on some Zantac to help with reflux, but we haven't seen a huge difference as of yet. Whitney loves picking him up and quieting him down, but he's getting a little heavy for her!