Sunday, March 28, 2010


Wilson has a little tooth poking through his gums today! WAHOO! We've been waiting for this forever!! The top left front is coming in and it looks like the right is on its way and maybe one more on top--nothing on the bottom, we're excited!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pinkalicious Party

Pink, pink, pink! We had a Pinkalicious (it's a book about a little girl who eats so many pink cupcakes that she turns pink) Party for Whitney's 3rd birthday last night! We had so much fun! She had 20 guests! We enjoyed chef salad and rolls (which was a big hit!), then we opened gifts, and finished up with pink cupcakes and ice cream. The kids had fun filling up treat bags from the candy bar at the end. She was definitely spoiled! We love Whitney!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Valentine's Day

Here are a few pictures of our Valentine's day celebration. My mom made Whitney's dress and Wilson's tie--they turned out so cute! We had Navajo tacos for dinner and yummy cupcakes for dessert! The night before, Mike and I went to Cody to see the movie Valentine's Day--I thought it was cute and quite enjoyed it.


Can somebody help me?? How can I add more than 5 pictures to a blog post?? Also, what kind of program are you using to create picture collages to post???

My Birthday

Brown & Orange m&ms and the serving platter
Cute Cake!

My mom has always made our birthdays special! We can't remember all of my birthday parties, but I know she has always done something and made it special! This year was no exception! She bought me these adorable orange and brown plates and serving dishes that we had seen at Target--they are going to be so great this summer for entertaining! She went with the orange and brown for the theme! She made the adorable cake! We had a delicious dinner of flank steak, cucumber and tomato salad and rolls! It was so good! We flew home from L.A. on my birthday so it was nice to come home and have a home cooked meal! Thank you Mom--I love you!

Los Angeles

This was the last show we went to-it was a special effects show and I was asked to be in the show. This was the first stage of the show and they were showing how a green screen works. I had to fight off a large cat, then I sat in a chair and was a character in Nutty Professor--they had me doing funny things like eating a pretend drumstick and picking my teeth. The final thing I had to do was put on a Egyptian robe and move some large stones pretending they were heavy. There was also a guy they asked to be in the show and I was trying to free him, but I was too late, he was turned into a skeleton. Later Mike was asked to be in the show too--he was a part of the voiceover effects stage. He was supposed to be the voice of King Kong, but they made it look like he didn't do it right, so they took him backstage and had a video screen that looked like he was attacked by a large wolf creature. It was fun! It cracked me up that they asked me to be a part of the show because we went on our honeymoon to San Diego and I was invited to be a part of a show at Sea World--I shook hands with the Sea Lion. I guess I have a "face" that says, "Pick me!" Too funny!

Mike was playing around with our new camera. There were lots of great places there that would have made great pictures and Mike wished I was dressed up better for pictures!

Mike and I took our first trip away without the kids February 2-5. It was a quick trip, but we had a great time! The first day we went to Universal Studios. It was about 65 degrees--shorts weather for us! Neither of us had been there, so it was fun to see (and be in) the shows. After the park closed, we walked on the Universal City walk. We had lots of fun watching people indoor skydiving--it was pretty neat. That night we used our VZ Navigator to find a Mexican restaurant. We found kind of a hole in the wall place, the service and guacamole were great, the rest of the food was just good, but it was a cute place.

Thursday was a very full day! My camera died at the end of the day at Universal and I didn't bring my charger, so no pictures :(. We started the day by going to the Santa Monica Pier. We got there a little early, so there wasn't much happening. It was windy so we were a little chilly, but we walked along the beach for a while and then decided to go to another beach. Mike had looked online for some good things to do and one of the things he thought looked good was to go to Venice Beach...that turned out to be an experience! Apparently Venice Beach is the place to go if you want Marijuana! There were several people smoking it right there on the sidewalk. (YUCK!) There were also several "clinics" where you could see the doctor right away to see if you qualified for medical marijuana. It was really strange. There were lots of Rastafarian people selling their peace sign artwork and hemp jewelry. Then there were guys trying to get you to listen to their hip hop music. I felt very uncomfortable and was so ready to get out of there!

After we left the beach, we went to Hollywood Blvd. We went to a few cheesy "museums"--Ripley's Believe it or Not, A knockoff Wax Museum and Guiness Book of World Records; they were not worth the money. We also saw the stars' hand and feet prints in front of the Chinese Theater. There were some from as far back as 1927--I had no idea it had been going on that long!

Our final stop was the Grove mall. It was so pretty! It is an outdoor mall with a trolley that runs through the center from one end to the other and they have a nice grassy area at one end with a fountain that has a mini water show. They have lights strung between the buildings across the center road. We just strolled through the stores and then ate outside at an Italian restaurant. They had good bread, but the food was not good. The ambiance was nice though. After dinner we went and saw the movie "When in Rome." It was cute and I totally enjoyed it!

The kids did great! Our moms and friends were so wonderful to take care of them so we could enjoy some alone time. THANK YOU! WE LOVE YOU!

Baby Shower

Little Stud Muffin :)
Whitney looking for the horses
All the girls!

Me, Lauren (the new mommy now), Katie
Diaper Cake that Katie and I made
(Sorry the pics are not so great--I didn't take pictures at the shower because there were so many cameras going, so I stole these ones from Facebook)

At the end of January the kids and I made a little trip home for my friend Lauren's baby shower. It is so fun to be able to celebrate life changes with my friends who I have known since first grade!! I am truly grateful to have been blessed with these wonderful women in my life. They are a part of who I am today. Lauren had her baby this week and I can't wait to meet the little man! We had lots of fun hanging out with my dad, brother and his sweet girlfriend Kitty. One of my favorite things to do when I go home is to go shopping...I found lots of great deals! Grandpa learned a lot about how quickly my two little dears can turn the house upside down!! They emptied the Comet all over the bathroom, then Whitney decided to let Grandpa know what Wilson was doing, but she was covered too! Grandpa says that Wilson is a "terrorist"--all I could do was laugh. We love ya Grandpa!