Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wilson Michael

Making a funny face. Poor kid--he is definitely going to need braces, probably sooner than later!

He usually puts this little hard hat on at some point during the day.

Wilson is becoming quite the character! He is so busy!!!

At least once a day someone says, "You are such a handful!"

Here are some Wilson highlights:

  • Loves to play in the dirt and be outside.

  • LOVES to ride on the dirtbike with daddy. We got him a bike helmet and he did not want to wear it until he realized that if he had the helmet on he could ride with daddy--now he wants it on all of the time!

  • He thinks the bar stools are there to help him--he pushes them all over the kitchen so that he can get up on the counters/stove/anywhere else he needs to get up on!
  • He takes his pants off when he poops! Fortunately he doesn't take his diaper off too!
  • Likes to climb and jump. He especially likes to climb up on the counters to help himself to whatever is up there.
  • He has a cute little hop he does when he's running. He will run a few steps and then do a little hop.
  • He doesn't say very many words, but he is quite vocal. He really tries to get his point across. He says NO and MORE very well.
  • Very snuggly and loving. When we're at the store he will reach his arms around me and give hugs. When I ask him for kisses, he will lean his cheek out to me. He will usually do this a few times and then tell me no.
  • He is learning to be funny. He knows that making faces will make us laugh.
  • Drinks well from a cup, but tends to throw it when he's had enough. Learning how to use a spoon and fork--it's still easier to use his fingers.
  • Finally sleeping in his own bed! And through the night most nights.
  • Starting to wean from his binkie--he's only using it when he's sleeping.
  • Folds his arms during prayers and is even trying to say them. He gets some words out, we just don't understand a lot of his words.

It's hard to believe that he will be 2 so soon! We sure love him and are enjoying watching him learn and grow.


After School Cupcakes & Juice--I want this to be a school tradition from now on! I almost forgot to get the cupcakes made, my mom had to bring me cupcake wrappers and Mike picked Whit up from school so I could finish frosting them!

Last fall I got Whitney on a waiting list for preschool. I took her in for a screening toward the end of August and she did great. The 3-year-old preschool class is mostly for children who need extra services like speech and OT/PT. I knew she didn't qualify, but they said that they accept some other children depending on how many there are with needs. I hadn't heard anything so I thought she didn't get in, but a couple of weeks later they called and had room for her! I was so excited! And so was she! She goes for two hours twice and week and is really enjoying it. She never remembers very much of what they do when I ask, but throughout the week things will trigger her memory. Just the other day we were driving and she was singing some little songs to Wilson that she has learned at school. It is so nice for her to have something special to do during the week.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Couponing Again

All of this was FREE with my coupons!!!
22 Cake Mixes and Frostings
10 Warm Delights
20 Post-its (I actually made $2 on those)
6 packs of pens
4 bags Pepperidge Farm Cookies
1 bag pretzels
1 bag bugles
1 bag chex mix

Here is some of what I purchased. I had to order a lot of my items because they didn't have enough in the store.

Last week I went coupon shopping again and it was a GREAT week. I spent $43.26 and saved $373.47! It was amazing. I purchased 172 items. It definitely makes me want to keep couponing.

Here's what I ordered that is not pictured:
4 Warm Delights Minis
7 Sweet Moments
5 Bisquick Shake & Pour
2 Sweet & Salty Bars Boxes
5 Bisquick Mix Boxes
5 Bags Nut Clusters
15 Totino's Party Pizzas
3 Boxes muffin mix
2 Boxes Cheerios
5 Boxes Lucky Charms
4 Boxes Gogurt
5 Cans Corn
5 Cans Green Beans

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Some things I've created lately...

A cape for Wilson
The other side of his cape
Whitney's cape
A Cape for Whitney. She definitely likes the princess side. Playing princess is probably her favorite thing to do right now. Of course she is always the princess and the rest of us are not.
Princess Playmat--This one I loved because the whole thing was my own idea! I patterned it a little after a car mat that I made last Christmas, but the princess It holds 4 little princess dolls and has a larger pocket for all of their extra dresses and accessories.
Outside of the Princess Playmat. It rolls up for easy storage and travel!
Diaper bag for a Mommy-to-be

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Family Pictures

The Whole Hendershot Family
I love the kids smiling/laughing faces!

Thank you Kristin! I love looking at our family pictures!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Budget Cuts

Apparently the town of Frannie (about 12 miles from here) has had some budget cuts. They are, however, still concerned about traffic safety. Look closely inside the car. :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sibling Love

Holding hands at Legoland (Wilson usually isn't such a huge fan of holding sister's hand)

Snuggled down to watch a movie...this only lasted about 8 minutes, then both of them were in our bed.
We've been doing this with them a lot lately. They seem to sleep a little better when together, plus, they look so cute!
Snacks after bath

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bighorn Lake

We've had a couple of chances to enjoy the lake this summer. I went with the kids one evening with our friends and then my mom and I took them again. They both love it! Whitney loves to put her tube on and just float around. The only downfall is that there are TONS of mosquitoes. We weren't prepared when my mom and I went so we ended up with several bites before we could get some bug spray on. We still had lots of fun!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Eating Cheetos by the campfire. We never buy Cheetos, so these were a real treat for all!
The View from the end of our hike!
We followed this stream for much of the hike. As we got near the end, there were pools of water and small waterfalls. It was a little scary walking on the rocks, but it was so worth it!

We went camping a few weeks ago with Eli & Kristin and their girls. We got a late start and didn't get camp set up and dinner done until about 9:00 at night, but we still had a great time! We made yummy foil dinners and made s'mores for dinner. The guys were great and had breakfast ready when we got up Monday morning! Our big adventure was a hike. We had tried to take the hike a few weeks earlier, but didn't have enough time to get to the location, but we made it this time! We just about died on the way back up, but the view at the bottom was incredible!! After our hike we went back to camp and roasted hot dogs and s'mores again:) We really had a great time! Thanks Kristin & Eli for the invite!!

Here's Kristin's post about our trip--she's the photographer!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


On our last full day of our San Diego trip we headed out to Legoland. We got really lucky because my Aunt was able to get us free tickets! Legoland is definitely geared toward kids ages 5-8. Wilson was too little for even most of the little kiddie rides (but he really wanted to be on them) and the girls were too small for a lot too. They had fun on the few rides they went on. I wouldn't really recommend Legoland--I just wasn't very impressed. It doesn't seem like it's been kept up very well. The lego creations are pretty impressive, but they are faded and look a lot older than they are. The kids had the most fun at a couple of play areas they had where they could just run! They also have an aquarium that we walked through at the end of the day. It wasn't too bad--if you like fish, which I don't. :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Poway RR & Lake Poway

***We decided to visit some of the local spots in Poway where my Aunt lives, so we went to the Poway RR. When we got there we found out the train wasn't running, but the trolley was; unfortunately, it needed a little help. My uncle and cousin jumped in to help the old guys push the trolley back to the barn. Fortunately, it was a quick fix and they were back on the track in no time. The little store had all of the Thomas the Train wooden sets available and a table for the kids to play with. They loved playing with the trains!

After our trolley ride, we headed over to Lake Poway to play at the park and feed the ducks. It was a really nice day and fun to do something cheap!

The Caboose :) My uncle Mark is the in middle and my cousin is the one pushing the other guys...Too funny!

On the Trolley
(l-r Uncle Mark, My mom, Whitney, Jaylynn, Josh holding Wilson, Aunt Jeri)
Playing with the trains while waiting for our ride. Wilson now has his own Thomas the Train toy and loves it. He can sort of say, "choo, choo."
Playing at the park
Feeding the ducks--there weren't very many ducks unfortunately, and they definitely were not interested in the organic rice puff cereal Auntie bought to feed them. I can't say I blame them:)
Here is how we ended the day...Josh needed the bed we were sleeping in, so I got the kids to sleep and put them in Jaylynn's room and settled on the couch, but they both woke up and we were definitely having some trouble finding enough space. My uncle took a picture too, but in that one Wilson was face up. I kept moving him, but he kept finding his way back. Needless to say, I woke up with a headache and feeling like I needed a nap. The kids were refreshed :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Beach Day

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We went to the beach on Friday of our trip; but it was so cold that we didn't last very long :( Wilson absolutely LOVED to ocean. He kept running toward it and was giggling and screaming with delight. Whitney was definitely cold. We tried to see the seals at La Jolla too, but they were out enjoying the cooler day in the water. My mom loves the beach so she braved the water with Wilson while the rest of us tried to keep warm with the beach blanket and towels.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

San Diego Zoo

My mom, the kids and I went to San Diego for a week (July 6-13). Unfortunately, we had the worst weather...We didn't even put on our swimsuits the whole time because the weather was so crummy. We got in late Tuesday night, then hung out around the house on Wednesday. My mom and Aunt went out shopping to the Dollar Store that evening while I kept the kids and while they were gone we had an earthquake! As soon as it started I was sure that's what it was, I was holding Wilson and Jaylynn was with me but I didn't have Whitney so I yelled for her (I think it scared the kids when I yelled more than the earthquake). By the time I got to her in the next room, it was over. Then I was second guessing myself, but I saw the dog shaking, so I was pretty sure. I googled it a few minutes later and sure enough there was a 5.4 quake, but it was far enough away that we didn't feel it too strongly. My mom and aunt felt it in the car. Crazy!

On Thursday, we decided to enjoy the zoo in spite of the weather. We started off with a bus ride and saw a lot of the animals. It was fun to see the new elephant exhibit. After the bus ride, we enjoyed lunch and then Jaylynn took us to her favorite part of the zoo--the reptile exhibit. Wilson fell asleep in the stroller, so I just kind of hung back away from the snakes--I DO NOT LIKE THEM...remember our last zoo trip:) We then went to see the sea lion show. The best part of that was Wilson's dancing to the music while we waited for the show to start. People kept stopping and watching him dance. One lady told my mom we should get a free pass for how cute he was! After the show we saw my favorites--the orangutans and gorillas. It is so fun to watch them play and interact. The littlest gorilla gave a potty show--he pooped in his hand, fortunately we were behind the glass and he couldn't throw it at us...disgusting I know, but it was funny :) We had a great time and saw a lot of the animals because it wasn't so hot and they were out enjoying the cool air.

Friday, July 30, 2010

4th of July

Whitney's 4th of July shirt I made her. I was really happy with how it turned out. She had really cute bows too, but I didn't get a good shot of them.
Handsome little man :)
Dessert table at the family picnic
Enjoying sparklers!

We got to spread our celebrating out over two days for the 4th this year. On Saturday the 3rd, we started with the annual Mayes (Mike's mom's dad's side of the family) pancake breakfast at the park. It was delicious as always and fun to see everyone. One of Geraldine's cousins had put together a genealogy poster that was probably 20 feet long with all 10 of the children in the Mayes family and all of their descendants. It was so neat to see all of the names and see how everyone was related.

Then on Saturday afternoon we had a Mayes family picnic with all of Geraldine's siblings and their children and grandchildren. We enjoyed Navajo tacos and desserts. There were two pinatas for the kids. They were so happy with all of their goodies. We had a great time visiting and eating. We tried to do some of our fireworks that night, but were shut down by the cops :( We didn't know we couldn't do them on Saturday.