Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We spent our last evening at the Mesa Temple. I was so impressed with the temple grounds--the church has 20 acres there and it is so beautiful! There were so many great spots for pictures. We saw several families there taking pictures and some high school prom groups taking pictures too. We were able to spend some time in the visitor's center talking with the sister missionaries and watched a video about our Heavenly Father's plan for families. It was really nice. The Mesa Temple was built in 1927, so it was very impressive. I love the temple and am so grateful for the blessings it has brought into my life. To learn more about temples click here: Purpose of Temples.
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We spent a good portion of our last day in Arizona at the pool. Whitney loved floating around in her tube and floaties. She didn't want to jump in or get her head wet, but she kept saying, "I can do it all by myself now." Wilson just wanted to be held and wasn't very happy in the tubes. He was more content to be on the side of the pool chugging our drinks. I came home sunburned, but am looking forward to the tan.
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Castle

In the evening after we went to the zoo we went to a place called Golfland. Whitney was thrilled because the place looked like a castle. She actually took the picture of the outside in the collaged. We were thinking about mini golf, but we didn't end up playing. Whitney and Mike went for a ride in a go-cart. I attempted to get a picture, but didn't do so great--it's tough to get a moving picture in the dark! We went inside and looked at some of the arcade games and a nice girl gave us a bunch of tickets, so Whitney got some little prizes. Then we wandered outside and they had a big play area. Whitney and Mike had lots of fun climbing around and sliding down. Wilson wasn't too sure about the slides, but he had a little fun too. We ended the night with dinner at T.G.I. Fridays. The kids were so tired, they could barely keep their eyes open at dinner.
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Phoenix Zoo

We had lots of fun at the Zoo! I was really impressed with how close we were to some of the animals. You were really able to appreciate their size. The kids loved the Little People playground. Notice the picture of Wilson in the sandbox with my hand on top of his--all he wanted to do was grab handfuls of sand and throw them while saying, "oh!" He is such a boy! I tried to get Whitney to go into the petting zoo, but her response was a firm, "No." I even suggested that I would go in with her, "No." We watched from the fence, but there was no way she was going in. At one point we started walking through a trail exhibit called the Forest of Ocu. It had an abandoned jeep and research shack display that looked cool. The first thing we saw was a pool of fish from the Amazon--DISGUSTING. I have a pretty serious fear of fish, so the huge black fish was giving me the creeps! Then we walked around to another exhibit with an Andean Bear. While we're looking for the bear a guy with his little girl walks up and says, "Did you guys see that big snake go across the trail?" I was like, "Shut Up. You're joking." He said, "No, we were right behind you and a snake went across the trail in front of us." That was enough for me; I wanted out of the "forest" and back on the asphalt. The guy had also asked us if we thought he should tell someone and I was like Yes! I was pretty much freaking out--I also have a serious fear of snakes. We saw a zoo guy as we were hurrying out and we told him and he said it was probably just a wild snake. I was shaking and couldn't get out fast enough!! So we're back on the regular pathways, and what do you know...there goes the snake slithering across the asphalt. It was probably around 3 feet long. I definitely kept my distance. Later we saw a sign about the "other" (wild) animals of the zoo and we're pretty sure it was a Gopher Snake. At the end of our day we were on another trail area (with concrete sidewalks), but the end of it was the reptile house and I decided I had had enough snakes. So, I started walking back to the main area by myself, but then totally started feeling nervous about seeing a snake again, so I started walking faster and a little lizard jumped in the bushes next to me--that did it for me and I screamed a little and jogged back to the main zoo area. Talk about high blood pressure! Probably the most amazing thing I did that day was buy my kids stuffed animals! I am not a nice mom--I don't like stuffed animals and the only ones we have are ones that were given to us. I took Whitney into the zoo store and she picked out a pink (surprise there) stuffed tiger and would not be deterred, so we picked a stuffed Rhino for Wilson. All in all, it was a great day at the zoo!
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Monday, April 26, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Seeds

Magical Easter Seeds
She got so excited when I told her these were magic Easter seeds and we were going to plant them and then see what would grow on Easter. She squealed and gave me a big hug!

Here's what we found on Easter morning! Even in all that dead grass :)

Wilson loved it too!

All the pickins!
Yum! Happy Easter!

**I got this idea from a coworker when I was teaching in Lovell. She said her sister started this tradition when her kids were little, and I've been waiting until Whitney was just the right age to do this. It was perfect and she loved it! It will definitely be part of our Easter traditions!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Peep Show

Cute little guys :)
Warming up!
Still Cookin'
Ooey Gooey Yumminess!

Tastes great sandwiched between two fudge stripe cookies! Happy Easter!

Easter Weekend Festivities!

We went out to the Motorcross with our friends the Prices this morning! It was a little chilly, but cleared up for a while so we were able to enjoy! The boys rode hard! The kids had fun climbing and sliding down the hills. We all enjoyed roasting hotdogs over the fire! After about two hours the wind picked up and the snow started, so we hurried and packed up, but we had lots of fun!
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