Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wilson Michael

Making a funny face. Poor kid--he is definitely going to need braces, probably sooner than later!

He usually puts this little hard hat on at some point during the day.

Wilson is becoming quite the character! He is so busy!!!

At least once a day someone says, "You are such a handful!"

Here are some Wilson highlights:

  • Loves to play in the dirt and be outside.

  • LOVES to ride on the dirtbike with daddy. We got him a bike helmet and he did not want to wear it until he realized that if he had the helmet on he could ride with daddy--now he wants it on all of the time!

  • He thinks the bar stools are there to help him--he pushes them all over the kitchen so that he can get up on the counters/stove/anywhere else he needs to get up on!
  • He takes his pants off when he poops! Fortunately he doesn't take his diaper off too!
  • Likes to climb and jump. He especially likes to climb up on the counters to help himself to whatever is up there.
  • He has a cute little hop he does when he's running. He will run a few steps and then do a little hop.
  • He doesn't say very many words, but he is quite vocal. He really tries to get his point across. He says NO and MORE very well.
  • Very snuggly and loving. When we're at the store he will reach his arms around me and give hugs. When I ask him for kisses, he will lean his cheek out to me. He will usually do this a few times and then tell me no.
  • He is learning to be funny. He knows that making faces will make us laugh.
  • Drinks well from a cup, but tends to throw it when he's had enough. Learning how to use a spoon and fork--it's still easier to use his fingers.
  • Finally sleeping in his own bed! And through the night most nights.
  • Starting to wean from his binkie--he's only using it when he's sleeping.
  • Folds his arms during prayers and is even trying to say them. He gets some words out, we just don't understand a lot of his words.

It's hard to believe that he will be 2 so soon! We sure love him and are enjoying watching him learn and grow.


After School Cupcakes & Juice--I want this to be a school tradition from now on! I almost forgot to get the cupcakes made, my mom had to bring me cupcake wrappers and Mike picked Whit up from school so I could finish frosting them!

Last fall I got Whitney on a waiting list for preschool. I took her in for a screening toward the end of August and she did great. The 3-year-old preschool class is mostly for children who need extra services like speech and OT/PT. I knew she didn't qualify, but they said that they accept some other children depending on how many there are with needs. I hadn't heard anything so I thought she didn't get in, but a couple of weeks later they called and had room for her! I was so excited! And so was she! She goes for two hours twice and week and is really enjoying it. She never remembers very much of what they do when I ask, but throughout the week things will trigger her memory. Just the other day we were driving and she was singing some little songs to Wilson that she has learned at school. It is so nice for her to have something special to do during the week.