Monday, April 29, 2013


First Ride!

Feeling the wind!

Wait for me! This was my favorite picture taken last summer!
Helping Daddy drive
Swimming--the wind carried them away quickly! We had to throw the rope to pull them back in!
Brother & Sister!!
Taking Grandma for a ride
snoozing on the beach
 tubing with Dad
 sleepy baby
 taking our friends out. Silly girl with the glasses:)
Sharla & Davis
Oops, this one posted twice, but what a cute baby!
Mike loves to buy vehicles and toys online. He scouted the web for good deals on boats last summer and found a couple he liked in Arizona, but they sold just before he could get them. Then he found one in Oregon, but the guy  wanted too much. Just after the Arizona ones sold, the guy from Oregon emailed and dropped the price, so Mike hopped in the truck and drove to Oregon! It was a whirlwind drive with him leaving Saturday afternoon and getting home late, late, late Sunday night. We had a lot of fun taking it out with friends and family. The kids were okay to go on the tube until they sunk once and then they pretty much gave up on it for the rest of the summer. Mike likes having another guy along who can drive the boat so that he can ski or wakeboard. I tried to wakeboard,  but just couldn't get it. Maybe this summer! We love loading up and heading out to the lake in the evenings after Mike gets off work with a bbq/picnic dinner. This sure makes me excited for the warm weather to show up here this year!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

July 2012

Swimming Lessons
Crawling around!
Say "Cheese"
Happy 4th of July!
This is what I spent a lot of my spring & summer helping with. The famous Mustang Dollies! 4th of July parade in Red Lodge, MT
Lawn Twister for the Mayes Family 4th of July Reunion
Taking a little rest :)
Fun with Friends
Byron Days Celebration. Beautiful Butterfly girl
This little boy LOVES his cotton candy. He took every opportunity to get it over the summer and he could get through a huge bag in no time at all!
Hanging out while Sis was at Gymnastics. Veterans Memorial Park in Lovell.
Discovering he could fake laugh

 Mom, take my picture :)
 Tar-jay fashion.
 Daddy's helpers
 At the fair in Powell. They look thrilled don't they. Whitney was braver and went on the little roller coaster, but Wilson isn't much of a fan of rides.
 Kids play area at the fair.

July was another fun-filled month! The older kids had swimming lessons. We enjoyed the Haggen Family pancake breakfast on 4th of July and the Mayes family reunion for dinner that night. The kids had lots of fun playing outside as often as possible. We celebrated Byron Days and Cowley Pioneer Days. And hit the fair in Powell.

Monday, April 22, 2013

June 2012

Dinner in Cody--We took this picture and were enjoying sitting outside for just a few minutes and then a terrible storm rolled through. We had to hurry and grab our drinks and get inside! It was crazy, but it was over quickly.
Sitting on the Bull. Total rip off! You pay $10 for the kids to sit on him and then you have to take the pictures yourself! No enthusiasm. 
Wilson's face cracks me up! Whitney is starting to warm up for pictures.
A little more (feigned) excitement!
New trick!
Beautiful kids at the temple

Whitney's photography with props and posing. LOL

sweet baby boy
 Grandpa showing us what he can still (attempt to) do. Careful Grandpa!
 Kids riding in the Kiddie parade
 At the ice cave
 With Bryan (Mike's younger brother) and his wife Chelsey
 Whitney and Hannah getting ready for the sack race
 Face painting--that we literally waited 45 minutes for!
 Brotherly love.
 Pretty view from the top
 Wild Horses
 Penn's cabin
View from the top coming down a different side
June was full of festivities! We went to Cody with my family and enjoyed mexican food, watched the TERRIBLE gun fighters show (definitely do not recommend it. we kept hoping it would get better, but it didn't) and then went to the famous Cody Night Rodeo. The kids were brave and went out to try to get the ribbon from the calves, but they didn't win. They were brave enough also to sit on the bull and take a picture, but they were pretty nervous the whole time. Can't say I blame them!

Mike ran in the Ragnar race in Utah Father's day weekend. He had a great time running with friends, but was so sore when he came home! I wouldn't say that he loved the running part, but riding in the vans and the experience were worth it. While he was gone, I took the kids to Billings and took some pictures of them at the temple. Definitely not professional pictures, but it was nice to get some cute ones!
We had our annual town celebration in June too. We had fun attending the follies, family fun night and the parade. I stayed really busy for the couple of months before Mustang Days as I was in charge of both the Dollies and Rockettes. It was pretty stressful, but I was happy with the performances of both groups. After the parade on Saturday, Mike, Bryan, Chelsey and I went on a long Rzr ride up to the ice cave. It was my first time up there and we had fun, but got super dirty! We got back in time to get a shower and load the kids up to go out to the fireworks. We had a great day!