Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Mr. Wilson turned 3 on January 8th. It is hard for me to believe that he really is 3 and is turning into his own little person now.

He is my wild, destructive, crazy little boy one minute and then the sweetest, huggable, kissable boy the next.

He is one busy little boy! We still find ourselves saying that "he's a handful" regularly. He can't really help himself from destroying things, even the things he likes (like his new train tracks and nerf darts). He leaves a trail of mess behind him wherever he goes and wherever he eats. He does, however, really like to use a napkin at mealtime. :)

Lately when I have been putting him to bed he will refuse to give me hugs and kisses, so I say, "okay, goodnight" and start to leave. As soon as I do this, he says, "Wait! Hugs & Kisses" (which sounds like huds & tisses). So we give several hugs and kisses and I go out. Then he will come by our room a few more times trying to avoid sleep and will tell us "Good night" and blow more kisses. Super cute, but he's really just trying to get out of going to bed:). Every morning he comes and finds me and says, "Good morning Mom," and then wants to snuggle for a few minutes before he is off to find some trouble to get into. He also loves to have you crouch down for a hug so that he can run and knock us over.

He absolutely LOVES sweets. He is always sneaking treats and getting in trouble for it. He knows how to be really quiet and knows not to respond when I call his name looking for him.

He really likes playing with his cars and motorcyles and is constantly building hills for them with pillows or making bumps in his blankets for them to drive over. He is definitely my TV head. He is pretty particular about his show requests, but will settle for whatever is on. Lately he requests Umizoomi on TV and either Lion King or "Race" Cars for a movie.

He has a great imagination and loves to play right along with Whitney. It is so fun to listen to them play pretend together. He will put on his cape and say he's going to rescue her or she's the mom and he's pretending to be her baby. He also tells us that he has "hot powers" and puts out his hand to shoot them at us. It is pretty cute!

He can be quite exhausting to keep up with, but those sweet little loving moments sure make up for the headache. I am truly grateful to be his mom and feel blessed to be able to watch him grow!