Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wilson's Zoo

Wilson's cake
Eating Cake--he really just wanted to play in the frosting. We had to dig a little to show him there was cake to eat.
We finally gave him just a piece and that was much better!

Wilson turned one on the 8th, and we had a little zoo party for him. It was all based around the cupcakes. My sister-in-law got me the book Hello Cupcake and they had really cute circus cupcakes. So, I went online to find some cute circus plates, but couldn't find them. I did, however, find some really cute Alphabet Zoo plates, so we went with the zoo theme and I only had to make the animal cupcakes. I also found some cute food ideas online. We had zoo food: barbecued hotdogs, nachos, wild greens (salad), monkey fruit, elephant feed (peanuts) and animal feed (animal crackers/cookies). The hotdogs were so good--I think it was because we haven't barbecued much because of the cold weather! Wilson got lots of great gifts--a little people farm, farm musical toy, dog pull toy, alligator toy and a Cozy Coupe from G&G K. We had a great time and we love our little one-year-old!