Monday, April 27, 2009


For my sister-in-laws birthday on Saturday, we had a fun-filled day in Billings! The girls left early and did a little shopping, then we met the guys at Red Robin for lunch. After lunch we headed to The Reef, an indoor water park. Whitney had been so excited about going swimmin' all week, but unfortunately she started to get sick on Friday night. She skipped out on the shopping and came up later with Mike so that she would be rested. She looks a little under the weather, but she still had fun swimming. Both kids slept all the way home. Whitney is still running a fever and her voice is pretty hoarse. Wilson has been fussy, so I think he's a touch sick too. Hopefully, they will get healthy quick!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Potty Training

We've really been working on potty training for a few weeks now. My mom got her started when she was here at the end of March. She's doing pretty well and I'm so grateful not to be changing diapers for 2! She usually sits like this when she's on the potty, then her face lights up when she goes--it's so cute!


Wilson has turned into a sweet, smiley little boy. In a matter of about two weeks, his colic went away! He is so goodnatured and, he will smile just for saying hello. He is trying really hard to sit up. He's also trying to roll over a little. He sticks his legs up in the air and falls to his side. Yesterday at church, my friend April was holding him during Sunday school and I was sitting on one side of her and another girl named Valerie was sitting on her other side. He would look over at me and start wimpering, then he'd turn and look at Valerie and totally turn on the smiles and charm. What a flirt! I guess we've got a ladies man on our hands! We are having so much fun with him!

Easter Dress

We couldn't find a cute Easter dress in the stores this year, so my mom made Whitney an adorable Easter dress. Wilson wore his adorable sweater vest outfit that I absolutely adore. My mom made him an outfit too, but it was too big. The weather was beautiful! We had stake conference, so everyone in the family had church at the same time which was nice. After stake conference, we went to Mike's mom's house for lunch. She made ham and rolls and I made mashed potatoes and crock pot creamed corn. I ordered a cheesecake from one of my young women's fundraisers so we had that and Mike's mom made some jello pudding pies. The girls had a great time playing in Grandma's garden with their new buckets. We sat outside for quite a while enjoying the sunshine. It was a great day!


Easter dress

Finding the eggs

Wilson's basket

Whitney's basket--love the dollar sections at Target & Walmart
Coloring eggs

Thursday, April 9, 2009


These pictures are the result of no nap...She wanted to watch Barney at 5:45 when we got home from being at the babysitter while I taught dance...

Sunday, April 5, 2009


My list of things to craft is getting really long, so I got a few projects done this weekend!

An apron for Whitney (this will be in her Easter basket!)

Bloom Blocks! Found this idea at
Adorable cloth baby shoes. Here's the pattern:
I made these little girl ones with fabric I already had just to try out the pattern, then I had fun!
A reversible hat for Wilson--this pattern needs some help--it was a little difficult, plus the bill of the hat is way too big!

And shoes to match!

I still have lots of things to make--I love getting ideas from blogs!


So, a few months ago in an e-mail I got, it said you could get a free sample of Kirkland Signature diapers from Costco. I was excited because I've always wanted to try them, but I'm too worried to buy the bulk box without knowing. The free sample arrived about a month later. Nice clear plastic bag with a little card saying: "Here's your sample!" sample was gone. Empty bag.

Then a couple of weeks ago I get an e-mail saying sign up at and receive a free sample of their Warm Delights Minis--you know the microwave mini cake...Sign me up! So the box comes on a day when I'm just scrounging for junk, can't find any chocolate in the house. HOORAY for the free sample! Reason 74: Finished going through the mail...Treat yourself to a bowl of Warm Delights. I think I will! BUT...the box was EMPTY!!!! I guess I got the "free"bies.

HA! I did e-mail BettyCrocker and they said they are sending me a new sample. I'm lowering my expectations...

Saturday, April 4, 2009


We decided to have a girls' night while the guys went to the Priesthood Session of General Conference. I forgot my camera, so click here to see a few pictures on my sister-in-laws blog:

FYI--Bowling is not my sport...I can't play games involving a ball--no coordination. My score tonight: 45 (really--I pretty much threw all gutter balls). Whitney's score: 64--she's 2.


My mom put him in here while she was here when he was born--about 2 days old.
I put him in this week to see how he would still fit...Whitney just wanted to push him all over the living room. She didn't like me holding onto him.

Wilson is definitely growing! At his last doctor's appointment, he weighed 14lbs. 6oz. I'm thinking he's about 15 pounds now. He is so much more alert and loves to look around. He is so smiley and a little flirty even. His colic, is pretty much gone! He has a little fussy time in the evening, but for the most part, he's a pretty easy baby now. He's been sleeping about 5-7 hours at at time at night which is just glorious! His favorite thing is his baby gym. When the lights and music are on, he kicks his legs and moves his arms all around. AND...He's finally taking a binky! He is much happier with it! Whitney is still in love with him. This morning, he was asleep on me when she woke up and she came right up and was hugging on him saying, I love you baby. It's hard to believe he'll be 3 months old next week!

Cute Pics

Mr. Wilson!

She won't wear this hat for me, but she did for Daddy--she needed to wear it because I was gone for the day, and he doesn't do hair!

Napoleon Dynamite's Daughter--the moon boots look especially nice with capris!


2 years old--taken on 03-17-09!

Here are some pictures of Whitney playing on her "swide" that we got her for her birthday!

Ward Easter Party

I made the Easter blocks on this table too--kind of hard to see, found them on

Last Sunday I asked if there was any other cooking I could do to help for our ward Easter Party, because I missed the sign-up sheet, and the sister told me they could probably use some help cooking potatoes (we had baked potato bar for dinner). I said great! She said she'd call. So...on Monday she called and said her husband, who is the activities chairman, was wondering if I would do the decorations. I agreed, but she told me it was Easter, but not Easter Bunny Easter decorations. Okay...I started looking at blogs for ideas. I found an idea to mod podge scrapbook paper on plastic eggs. I tried a couple and that didn't work. Then later I thought about fabric and that worked great! Fortunately, I had my mom here for a few days to help! I really wanted the mini plastic eggs. That turned out to be a wild goose chase...They didn't have them in Lovell at the Red Apple, so we went to Powell--none at Pamida, Family Dollar or IGA. Bummer...I decided to call ahead to Wal-Mart before we drove all the way there and here's the conversation I had with the lady there:

Me: I'm just wondering if you have any of the mini plastic eggs.
Lady: Well, we have two sizes, but I don't know if we have any the size of a thimble.
Me: No, not that tiny. You know, they have the standard size like 3 inches and then there are the mini ones like 1.5-2 inches.
Lady: (hesitates--clearly she doesn't know what I'm talking about) Well, we have some like the size of young chicken eggs or like a banty hen egg.
Me: Okay...thanks (now I'm the one who doesn't understand...only in Wyoming)

So...We drive over to mini eggs at Walmart, Albertsons, or KMart. Needless to say I ended up using the standard, banty hen sized eggs. Once we had the eggs, the work began--we had to make 75 eggs! Mom helped me get to 51, so I didn't have too many to finish on my own. Mike cut the branches and I attempted to spray paint them until after 20 minutes I had only 9 or 40 branches painted (badly) and my finger felt like it was going to fall off; Mike came home and painted them with the paint sprayer!!! I never felt stressed about it which was a first for me! I was actually really happy with the way the decorations came out and I got lots of compliments. The potatoes were yummy and we had a great night! Thank goodness it's over.