Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Warm Weather Getaway 2012

 First Plane Ride

 The View from our Condo in Indio

 Cute little stop along our drive between Phoenix & California with a bunch of old cars.
 Cute little man. There was lots of old mining equipment all around the Goldfield property.

 This is an old mine elevator. I think they said there would generally have been about 9 miners in this! Yikes!
The boys in the mystery house.
At the end of February, Mike, Weston and I went to Phoenix & California for a quick warm weather getaway. We flew into Phoenix and rented a car to drive to Indio, CA for a couple of nights. We then drove back to Phoenix for a couple more days. We loved the condo in Indio! It was so beautiful. Back in Phoenix we went to the Goldfield Gold Mine. It was originally a gold mining town that was deserted when there wasn't any gold! Some people purchased the area in the 80s and turned it into a tourist spot. It was a fun little excursion and really inexpensive.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

February 2012

 My mom scored at Walmart and found these power scooters for $15 a piece!
 They were Minnie Mouse, but she spray painted the seat silver on Wilson's and took off the Minnie stickers. He didn't mind one bit!
 I turned 29! It was superbowl Sunday and I do not follow football whatsoever, but I said I wanted the superbowl food, so my mom made these fun boxed lunches and snack foods!
 My baby
 Here's the insdie of the box lunches!
 I did some crafting!
 These were for Whitney's teachers.
 I helped put on a Stake Activity for the Activity Day Girls (ages 8-11) at church. It was so much fun. The girls came for a few hours of fun! They tied quilts, made scarves, took fun pictures, made secret valentines and ate yummy treats.
 Valentine's Day Hair
 Valentine's Lunch at our DayHab program!
 always performing!

 Pillowpets for Valentine's Day. I had ordered these for Christmas because that was the only thing Whitney had asked for, but they sent me the wrong one! I didn't find out until I opened the box on Christmas Eve to wrap it, so I decided to wait and had to go through quite an ordeal to finally get them for Valentine's Day! (And by the way, I HATE stuffed animals)

 More crafting. Whitney absolutely LOVES skirts. My mom and I have made her several over the years. I loved this one, but the fabric from Walmart was junk, so it looked terrible after one washing:(
 Playing on Starfall on the computer
 My boys
 Haircut! Whitney was so funny. She wouldn't hardly say anything to the girl cutting her hair, then the girl curled it after it was washed and dried and after that Whitney would ask me if I was doing her curls like Heidi when I would do her hair. She also said how much she liked Heidi and loved getting her hair done; she just didn't show it at all when she was there!

More crafting: a little lovey blanket for Weston made from scraps!
Enjoying the reading nook

Monday, March 25, 2013

January 2012

Wilson Turned 3
Weston started playing in his new stander toy!
Books with Grandma
Snuggles with Daddy
Wearing Undies!
 Beach Day at Preschool. (In Wyoming, in Winter...)
 Chubby Baby!
 Starting on Chores :) The funny thing about this is that Mike had taken the kids to the local hardware store to shop for some Christmas presents for me and Wilson picked out a toilet brush.
 I started selling Thirty-One!
Fun with Cousins at Grandma H's house!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Few 2011 Pictures for fun

These are some of the first pictures I took with my iPhone at the end of 2011. It's amazing to see how much the kids have changed in the last year!!