Friday, May 17, 2013

September 2012

 1 year check up
 wrestling with daddy!
 First Day of Preschool! He was so excited that it was FINALLY his turn to go to school
 Hanging out watching the kids ride their bikes!
 Preschool pic
 practicing without training wheels!
 Bike Rodeo
 Bighorn Canyon
 Lauryn, Whitney, Paige
 Whitney Riding
 Wilson riding

 Getting comfy

September was a fun month for Wilson! He started preschool! After watching Whitney go to school for two years, he was so ready for it to be his turn. He liked it the first couple of days and then he decided he didn't really want to go anymore. It took a few more weeks for him to get over the hump and be happy about going each week. The kids got to go to a bike rodeo at the school. They practiced bike safety and LOVED getting their t-shirts. Wilson learned to ride without training wheels during the summer. We took our boat out for one last ride. We brought a couple of friends along for the ride.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Weston Turns 1 (September 5, 2012)

 The Birthday Boys!

 The Dads trying to get the cotton candy made for the tops of the cupcakes.
 The Food: Croissant Sandwiches, Cat & the Hat Strawberry & marshmallow kabobs
 Green Eggs
 Delicious Cupcakes
 Cupcakes for the birthday boys!

 Wilson with the photo booth props
 Our baby boy!
 Blowing out the candle. My niece came up to watch with mask on her face and it totally freaked Weston out, so he was really upset right at the moment.
 Checking out his cupcake!
 A little try
 a little more

 going for it
a glimpse of the number of kids at the party! That's not even all of them:)
Weston shares his birthday with our good friends the Parks youngest son Davis. So, we decided to share their parties since we would each want to invite the other family to the party. Since they were turning 1 & 2, we settled on a Thing 1 & Thing 2 party. It was really fun to put together the decorations and food. We are so grateful to have such good friends that we want to share in all of the fun with! 
 I kept some notes on my phone about the things he was doing and milestones:
July 7th (10 months) started drinking from a straw
July 27th Started signing more and all gone, then eat a couple of days later
August 16th (11 months) Started standing by himself, but won't take any steps. Pointing at things that catch his attention and babbling about them. Last month he started to LOVE caps and lids to waterbottles.  He loved to carry them around in his hands and put them on top of things.
August 22nd Can get himself down the stairs and off the bed. Cut top 2 teeth in the last couple of weeks. Now have 4 teeth--2 on top and 2 on bottom in front. Loves to play in the dirt. Making car sounds when playing with them.
September 11th started taking lots of steps. Not across a room yet, but 3-5 at a time.
Weston has been our easiest baby by far. He has been sleeping through the night since about 6-7 months. He takes 2 naps a day too! One in the morning a couple hours after he gets up and one in the afternoon. He loves to eat! And he loves to be doing whatever everyone else is doing. He definitely wants to keep up with the other kids!!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

August 2012

 sibling fun!

 Lovin' the Beach!
 Grandma's Favorite part of vacations!

 San Diego Temple
 Beautiful bride & groom
 Birthday dinner for Josh at Benihana (l-r; Jaylynn, Aunt Jeri, Jeff, Mom, Josh)
 Uncle Mark & Rocio
 Mike's birthday decorations--lots of love in these decorations!
 Happy Birthday! 31!
Lining up with her class to go inside!
In August, My mom, Weston and I flew to California for my cousin Travis' wedding. We had so much fun visiting with all of our family! We made a couple of trips to the beach!  We had a great time going to he wedding and receptions. Travis  & Corinne make a beautiful couple! We are so happy for them. We also got to go to dinner at Benihana for my cousin Josh's birthday.
Mike turned 31 on August 27th. I ended up watching kids for a friend that day, so I handed a bunch of remnant crepe paper rolls and balloons and tape to the kids and they had SO MUCH FUN decorating the outside of our house for him. We were definitely low key that day!
Then, Whitney started Kindergarten the next day! She was SO excited! She wasn't nervous at all, just anxious to get there and get started! I will admit to being quite teary dropping her off. I wasn't nervous about sending her because I knew she was going to do well and I know firsthand that the teachers love their students, I was just a little teary thinking about starting a new chapter and her not being home with us anymore. We walked to school the first day and we didn't get there as early as I had planned, so she asked me after school if we could drive the next day so she could be earlier:)
The rest of August was filled with boating, being outside and spending time with family and friends. We sure LOVE our summers around here!