Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Miss Whitney

Whitney says:

W: Mom, Weston has a wet diaper.
Mom: He does?
W: Yeah, I went to pick him up and I got blasted!

Mom: (when we were at the Billings fair) That building right there got hit by a tornado last year.
W: How do you know that? Did you read it on facebook?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Uninterested in making any cute faces for pictures
Working on holding up his head
Our little Weston is 1 month old today! A part of me can't believe that it's been a whole month and then the other part of me can't believe that it's only been a month. We just love him so much!!! I feel truly blessed to see and feel the love he has added to our family.

The kids just can't get enough of him. Every morning the first thing they both do is check on the baby. The main arguments lately are over who gets to hold the baby or look at him or get me what he needs. Wilson always says, "I hold it," when he wants to hold him and then we say, "You want to hold it?" and he remembers to say, "I hold him." He has successfully taken Weston out of the swing (yikes). Fortunately I wasn't too far away and he didn't carry him too far, but now we are so careful to buckle Weston in the swing! Whitney has gotten really brave and wants to move him all around and switch positions when she holds him. I have to constantly remind her to sit still with him.

Weston is a pretty good baby so far. We are seeing some colic, but nothing near Whitney and Wilson, so we are managing. He is now in size 1 diapers and all 0-3 month clothing. He is definitely growing! Lately he wants to be held a lot but is really content in the sling or moby wrap which helps a lot. He hates to have his diaper changed and starts screaming almost immediately and then stops when we're done. He also hates the bath and screams through them too! He does not, however, scream or seem the least bothered by all of the "attention" he gets from his siblings. He definitely prefers to sleep on his tummy on my chest, but I am trying to make a conscious effort to put him in his bed, which happens some of the time (when I'm awake enough to remember!).