Thursday, March 17, 2011


Happy Birthday to this beautiful little girl!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Village Inn

Wilson really wanted jelly. So I let him eat it.
This one's almost gone. Need another.
Last bite. Spoon it in. less mess.
Distraction Attempt
Failed...Going for another one!

Mini Golf

Wilson learning how to golf!
Putting the ball in the hole!

Taking a little breather! I was standing like this and Wilson started copying me, so Whitney did too!
Workin' on her swing!

On our last night in St. George, we decided to take the kids Miniature Golfing. They were pretty clueless in the beginning and had to be showed how to use the golf club. Wilson found it much easier to just hit the ball anyway you want and then pick it up and place it in the hole:) Whitney was really concentrating and was starting to get the hang of it at the end. She was the only one of us who got a hole-in-one! She was pretty disappointed when she accidentally hit her ball into the water on the last hole. It was a little difficult keeping Wilson interested through 18 holes, but overall we all had a great time. After golfing, the place we were at had an indoor play area and the kids had fun climbing and sliding in there too!

St. George Temple

Wilson is still putting things in his mouth!! I am so ready for him to be out of this stage!!!

On Friday evening, we decided to stop and walk around the grounds at the St. George Temple. It is amazing to think that it was finished in 1877! I am always so impressed with how well the grounds are cared for at every temple. I really enjoy taking the kids to the different temples even if they don't quite understand yet. I am so grateful for the blessings of the temple and that we have the opportunity to visit just the grounds and talk to our children about the importance of the temple!

Climbing on the Red Hills

Jumping &
Playing the "Trust" game with Daddy
A little crawling through the holes

A quick family pic

Wilson jumped right down after this picture was clicked!
Whitney was being a good sport for pictures!

On our first morning in St. George, we went driving around looking for something to do. Our first stop was an "adventure" as Whitney called it, climbing around on some red hills above the city. The kids had fun being outside and actually stayed clean in spite of the color of the rocks!

St. George

The Mountains looked gorgeous as we came down into Provo!

Last weekend I decided that we needed to get out of town! I needed to see some warm sunshine, Mike needed a break from work and the kids needed to be able to play and run outside! So...I convinced my husband that we should drive to St. George. He tried to talk me out of it, but I was determined even with the 12 hour drive. We left early Thursday morning and it ended up taking us about 14 hours due to an hour wait for the freeway to open, but we made it! On our way down, we stopped in Provo for dinner at Bajio. We totally enjoyed it. We ate at The Shops at Riverwoods--it was such a nice place. The kids were able to run around a little and we liked staying warm by the fire pits they had all around. The kids did great in car on the way down. They watched a couple of new movies and Whitney really enjoyed coloring with new markers.

Valentine's Day

Whitney writing her name on all 15 of her Valentine's for school...this was quite a task!!

Her little Love Bug valentine's...These were a last minute throw together. I knew we were going to make her Valentine's but I never really made a plan, so we made these on Sunday night with supplies we had around the house!

Heart Hair--didn't get a picture with the bows, but she looked cute!

Our V-day Activities

Making heart pizzas

I found a really cute Valentine's Advent with cute little activity cards for each day of February until V-day. I actually did really well and printed the cards, put them on cardstock and bought all of the things for our activities...and then I didn't follow through (typical me--good ideas, not so good follow through). So I tried to pack in as many of those activities as possible on V-day. We made heart pizzas for lunch and ate them on our heart plates with pink soda and v-day straws. Then we played LOVE bingo using candy hearts as markers (we don't actually eat them in this house due to my fears after breaking a tooth on one several years back...). After that we made Peanut Butter Blossoms using chocolate hearts instead of kisses (these are even better because you get chocolate with every bite of cookie!). I made some pretzels with kisses and v-day m&ms. I also made sugar cookies, but I used a mix and they didn't turn out very well, so we didn't end up decorating them. The kids each had a little gift at their table setting--whitney had a book and heart necklace, wilson had a book and barney v-day movie.

Later that day, I decided that mashed potatoes sounded good for dinner, but I didn't want to make them, so we headed to Cowtown for dinner. It was really busy, but after waiting for about 10 minutes to find out if we could get in, they had a table for us. They seated us and brought a clean tablecloth and that was the extent of our service. After about 15-20 minutes with no acknowledgment, and people who came in after we were seated being able to order, and a two-year-old getting antsy, we decided to go ahead and go home and make the mashed potatoes ourselves afterall...We had to stop and pick up potatoes at the grocery store and then finally made it home. We enjoyed our potatoes and salad very much! Plus it was like 8:15 by the time all was said and done and we were starved!!

Mike and I were actually able to enjoy a nice dinner on the Saturday before V-day at our Elder's Quorum dinner at church. They provided babysitting for the kids and we enjoyed barbecued chicken and steak with salad, baked potatoes and rolls, followed by cake and ice cream. After dinner we played the Newlywed game with the whole group (probably 15-20 couples). I have not laughed that hard in so long. It was such a fun evening!


We took the kids swimming at the Powell Aquatics Center one Friday night. They had lots of fun going down the slide! I am not much for swimming unless there is the option of getting out and sitting in the sun, but the kids had so much fun so we will definitely have to go again. Wilson is such a little crazy man--he does not want to be held in the pool and is constantly trying to get away. We will have to put him in a lifejacket in the future. After swimming, we took the kids to McDonald's for dinner.