Friday, October 31, 2008

99 Balloons

I really feel that this is worth sharing. It's a touching video of a family whose son was born with Trisomy 18. He wasn't supposed to make it to birth. The family was featured on the Oprah show this week. They really exemplify the attitude of how we should live our life. The mom said, "I decided I could be sad later." They embraced joy and all of the little moments. I think it's a way we could all live our lives. The story was a strong witness to me that there is a plan for each of us. I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who blesses us beyond measure.
99 Balloons

Monday, October 13, 2008

She can't be that old

Whitney had her first day of nursery yesterday. She's been old enough to go for the last few weeks, but we haven't been to our own ward, so yesterday was the day. She was so cute watching the other kids to see what she should do. I was doing okay until I saw her sitting at the table with her hands folded waiting for snacks and then I started crying (surprising I know). She looked like such a big girl. We didn't plan on her staying the whole time, but she was doing great, so we snuck out while she was playing. They were singing Ring Around the Rosey, one of her favorites right now, when Mike went to pick her up. She was totally happy. Another milestone.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Good Morning Winter

Here's the scene we woke up to this morning. YUCK! I guessFall has come and gone. I am so not ready for this weather. Hopefully it will warm up again before this becomes an endless views.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


We've been out to the Motorcross (it's really just a bunch of hills for riding, but that's what people call it) here in town a few times with our friends this summer. We bbq and make s'mores and just have fun! The guys do most of the riding while the girls get chatty time; it works pretty well! We went this week for probably the last time since it's supposed to snow here this weekend. The kids had a blast sledding down the hill on cardboard boxes. Whitney had to get in on the action!


8 TV shows I like to watch:
1. So You Think You Can Dance
2. American Idol
3. A Baby Story
4. Army Wives
5. Brothers & Sisters
6. Oprah
7. John & Kate Plus 8
8. What Not to Wear

8 Favorite Restaurants:
1. Red Robin
2. Fazolis (BEST bread sticks ever)
3. Azteca
4. Panda Express
5. Pizza Hut
6. Quiznos (love the sandwich with guacomole)
7. Pretty much any Mexican food restaurant
8. Applebees (just for their steak and garlic mashed potatoes)

8 Things that happened yesterday:
1. Took Whitney to the Doctor
2. Took a nap!
3. Worked
4. Taught 2 tap classes
5. Went to mutual
6. Made korker hair bows
7. Found out my bows are selling well at the store in town!
8. Blogged

8 Things I'm looking forward to:
1. Being a mom of two
2. Holiday season
3. Crafting tonight
4. Getting a master's degree
5. Building a new house
6. Our house selling so we can build
7. Quitting my job
8. Teaching again someday

People I tag:

Anyone who's in the mood

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Big Girl Bed

Whitney was not sleeping well in her crib at nights and just LOVES to be in our bed, so we decided to switch her to a bed. Erik and Sandy had a toddler bed in storage so we brought it home and got it all ready. We've tried for a few nights, but she won't go to sleep in it unless we are laying next to her (I don't think toddler beds are meant to hold that much weight), and she hasn't slept through the night either. Last night she fell asleep while we were sitting in our room talking, so Mike gently moved her to her bed. It's now 7:40 and there's been no sound from her since last night! YAY! Hopefully this will continue happening, but I won't hold my breath.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Budding Artist

Whitney is completely in love with coloring. Any writing implement will do: pencil, pen, crayon (she'd probably love markers too, but we haven't gone that far). She has a stack of scrap paper that she takes pieces from and starts working away. The other day there were probably six different pages laying around the house and she would move from piece to piece adding a little here and there. It's really cute. She looks quite studious sometimes. Last night Grandma Hendershot was working on writing some cards, so Whitney sat on another chair at the table and worked on her own "writing". She did discover the wall as a canvas yesterday...thank goodness for the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser! As soon as I scolded her, she quickly moved back to her paper. Hopefully the paper will keep her occupied! I'm actually really impressed with her pencil grip; many of my students couldn't hold the pencil as well as she does. It took her a while to figure it out; at first she wanted to hold the end, so we worked on holding the pencil closer to the tip and she finally got it.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Whitney's Bows

Since Whitney was born I have loved putting headbands in her hair and I always make sure that her hair is done. For about the past 6 months I've been making bows for her. I decided that I would sell some at the craft fair coming up at the end of the month, so I've been working away for the last month. A new boutique opened up today on Main Street here so I put some down there too. I started a separate blog for the bows. I hope to turn it in to a business, but I'm just getting started. Check out some of the bows: