Sunday, February 22, 2009


Wilson's cute church outfit...what a little man!

I made Mike take some pictures of the kids tonight. We got a few cute ones, it would have been much easier with a sleeping baby and a not sleepy toddler. We'll have to try another day before 7:30!

My new favorite thing!

While I was doing the craft show here in Lovell this fall, I saw a mom with her baby wrapped in one of these baby wraps. My mom and I had been talking that we really didn't need anything for the baby except clothes because we already had gotten all of the neat things with Whitney. This was the new thing we needed! My mom got it for me for Christmas and let me tell you--IT IS FABULOUS! We have one of the regular baby carrier pouches, but this is SO much better. It distributes the weight and takes the pressure off of your neck. Plus the baby is wrapped snugly and your hands are totally free. It looks kind of complicated at first when you read the instruction manual, but it's actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it. This one is called a Moby Wrap: We used it while we were in Vegas and it made it so much easier to carry Wilson around. You can wrap it like 10 different ways with kids up to 35 pounds! It's a definite must for moms & dads!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

Last weekend we headed to Vegas to celebrate my dad's 50th birthday. We met up with my parents and brother on Thursday night. My aunt, uncle and cousins came on Friday and my Grandma came up on Saturday. We spent a lot of time eating. We ate a delicious dinner buffet at the Excalibur and a good breakfast buffet at the Luxor. We also had fabulous hamburgers at the Harley Davidson restaurant. We spent a lot of time hanging out at our condo. It was really nice, but a little disappointing because it was too cold to enjoy the pool, but we did get a little hot tubbing in though. We walked a bit on the strip--saw the M&Ms store, rode the elevator up and down at the CocaCola store trying to get to the 3rd floor only to find out the third floor is closed, and saw the lions at the MGM casino. The guys all rode the rollercoaster at the NY NY casino, while my auntie won a couple of stuffed animals in the arcade. Mike and my brother braved the cold and saw the show at Treasure Island and did the rides at Circus Circus. We did some shopping, but didn't find too much. Mike and Kletey convinced me to ride the rollercoaster at Circus Circus on Tuesday before we left. I like to ride rollercoasters, but my neck just can't take it anymore. I followed the ride with an Excedrin. Whitney went on her first ride too. She wasn't so sure about it at first, but she was waving to us toward the end. It's definitely more work to take 2 children on vacation, but it was so fun to see everyone and spend time with them. I wasn't very good about taking pictures, but here are a few.
First ride at Circus Circus
She loves to eat M&Ms, but don't get near the character...
Las Vegas!Plane ride home

Vegas Dancer

Whitney absolutely LOVES to dance. If there's music playing, she's dancing. She's even got pretty good rhythm. Mike took this video on the strip in Vegas outside of the Planet Hollywood Casino. People kept stopping to watch her. One man even stopped and got his video camera out; he was from either England or Australia--I couldn't tell when his wife talked to me, but can you imagine what he'll say about the Americans. My favorite thing she does now is when she freezes and then starts dancing again. I honestly don't know where she gets these moves. This dancing went on for probably 10 minutes. I was in tears laughing so hard.
She is a hoot! We sure love her!

Friday, February 6, 2009

4 weeks

I really can't believe that Wilson is already 4 weeks old and will be a full month on Sunday. It's just not possible! He's getting a lot longer and outgrowing his newborn clothes. He's also starting to really look around. From about 7:00-10:00 his colic hits and we're trading off bouncing him until we finally get him to sleep. I'm trying to figure out how to balance my time with two kids--I can't seem to get much accomplished during the day, but I do hold him quite a bit, which is the best thing to do!

A bite...

Yesterday after April and I had made some cupcake bites, we went to the computer so I could show her the Bakerella blog. While we were in the office we heard Whitney say, "A bite." This is what we found. I showed her that she could pick it up, but she wouldn't use her hands. It was too funny.