Friday, May 17, 2013

September 2012

 1 year check up
 wrestling with daddy!
 First Day of Preschool! He was so excited that it was FINALLY his turn to go to school
 Hanging out watching the kids ride their bikes!
 Preschool pic
 practicing without training wheels!
 Bike Rodeo
 Bighorn Canyon
 Lauryn, Whitney, Paige
 Whitney Riding
 Wilson riding

 Getting comfy

September was a fun month for Wilson! He started preschool! After watching Whitney go to school for two years, he was so ready for it to be his turn. He liked it the first couple of days and then he decided he didn't really want to go anymore. It took a few more weeks for him to get over the hump and be happy about going each week. The kids got to go to a bike rodeo at the school. They practiced bike safety and LOVED getting their t-shirts. Wilson learned to ride without training wheels during the summer. We took our boat out for one last ride. We brought a couple of friends along for the ride.

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