Wednesday, May 8, 2013

August 2012

 sibling fun!

 Lovin' the Beach!
 Grandma's Favorite part of vacations!

 San Diego Temple
 Beautiful bride & groom
 Birthday dinner for Josh at Benihana (l-r; Jaylynn, Aunt Jeri, Jeff, Mom, Josh)
 Uncle Mark & Rocio
 Mike's birthday decorations--lots of love in these decorations!
 Happy Birthday! 31!
Lining up with her class to go inside!
In August, My mom, Weston and I flew to California for my cousin Travis' wedding. We had so much fun visiting with all of our family! We made a couple of trips to the beach!  We had a great time going to he wedding and receptions. Travis  & Corinne make a beautiful couple! We are so happy for them. We also got to go to dinner at Benihana for my cousin Josh's birthday.
Mike turned 31 on August 27th. I ended up watching kids for a friend that day, so I handed a bunch of remnant crepe paper rolls and balloons and tape to the kids and they had SO MUCH FUN decorating the outside of our house for him. We were definitely low key that day!
Then, Whitney started Kindergarten the next day! She was SO excited! She wasn't nervous at all, just anxious to get there and get started! I will admit to being quite teary dropping her off. I wasn't nervous about sending her because I knew she was going to do well and I know firsthand that the teachers love their students, I was just a little teary thinking about starting a new chapter and her not being home with us anymore. We walked to school the first day and we didn't get there as early as I had planned, so she asked me after school if we could drive the next day so she could be earlier:)
The rest of August was filled with boating, being outside and spending time with family and friends. We sure LOVE our summers around here! 

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